Summer Health Benefits!

Summer Health Benefits

Ahh, summer time sweetness! Ever wonder why we always feel so great in the summer? Or feeling bad, and want to feel better this season? Well, did you know there are actual health benefits to us during the summertime!? That’s enough to make anyone super excited and eager for the season to come around! (In addition to it being the season of vacations!) I mean really, what does the winter do for our health? I’d be okay without it! Anyways, here is a quick list to the health benefits our body can get in the summer. I know I’ll be making sure I am taking full advantage of these benefits so I can feel great and happy this season! Maybe it will even carry into the colder months.

  1. Free vitamin D. Forget about those vitamins and get your butt outside! The vitamin D is the one of the most important vitamins in the body and is needed for optimal health. The sun is shinning for us to use, yet so many people are staying inside, huddled up. Take advantage of this unlimited, free dose of Vitamin D.
  2. Extra Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Seek out local farmers and literally taste the sweet summer feeling. And it’s good for our diet! Fruits and vegetables are filled with essential nutrients, and with so many in season, it will be easier to keep up with the summer eat-healthy-diet we’ve been working for!
  3. More Opportunity for Physical Activity. This amazing, warm, inviting weather opens the field for so many kinds of physical activities. Get out there and get active! With Trusty Cane, there isn’t an excuse NOT to be! You’ll have so much support on any terrain, you’ll be able to tackle anything.
  4. More Opportunities for Sweating. Ew…that may be your first reaction but actually it’s super cool and important! Sweating is a key component in detoxification for best health, yet in the other months of the year, we often don’t do it enough.
  5. More Opportunities to Walk Barefoot. It’s a free reflexology massage and connects us back to Earth…that would make anyone feel better!
  6. Fresh Air. We just simply don’t get enough of it. Fresh air is the key to good health and in the summer, we can get a lot more of it.
  7. Good Feelings. The sunlight makes us feel good. It releases chemicals in the brain that make us feel happy and confident and better. It is like an antidepressant, and is actually a treatment for SAD sufferers.

There you have it. Summer is officially the best. Get your Trusty Cane and get actively out there!

Q&A With CEO Aj Khubani

Q&A With CEO Khubani

PBJ sat down with AJ Khubani, creator of the As Seen On TV Logo and founder & CEO of Telebrands, for a Q&A with this legend to talk about his career and life. But much to readers surprise, Khubani’s ride hasn’t been a smooth, only up-hill journey. In fact, he went bankrupt three times! This is a must read for all entrepreneurs to read, or anyone interested in the story of someone taking their mistakes and failures and having that lead them to success. His story is unique and inspiring and we recommend everyone check it out!

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HomeWorld Magazine is Crazy for Telebrands!

AJ Khubani's Keynote Address

As Seen On TV Kids Products

New Products from Telebrands

In HomeWorld Magazine’s issue from June 23rd, 2014, there are 3 articles that feature Telebrands! HomeWorld touches on our CEO AJ Khubani’s keynote address to the Montclair University business graduates, as well as Telebrands venture into kids products, one being the Teddy Tank and some of the new products coming from Telebrands, like Up & Under Doggy Steps.

Checkout HomeWorld Magazines issue to read up on all the Telebrands news, what we’re doing and where we came from! Until next time, keep coming back to our products’ blogs  for all the news & reviews that you’ll need!

Decorate Your Cane With Your Kids – Fun Project!

Are you with the kids, and want some thing fun that they can do with you to help you? If so check this out we are going to give you some tips and ideas on decorating  your walking cane so that you can have a good time with the kids and look stylish afterwards!


  • Colorful Tape
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Stickers
  • String
  • *optional* jewels, rhinestones etc

Now once you have your supplies you are free to style however much or little you want! I like to make swirls or stripes around like a candy cane and add some sticker or jewels in patterns to add some glamour.

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Use Your Cane, The More — The BETTER!

Your in a rush, and you decide “ehh” I don’t need my cane, because I am only going to get some milk, no more! The importance of having your cane at all times is something worth stressing. In addition, it is so simple to carry or throw in your car. Especially if you own a Trusty Cane since its breaks down in to a smaller compact  device! In this blog we will discuss the benefits and try to persuade you to be more cautious of the requirements or benefits of carrying a cane.

Benefits Of Consistent Cane Usage:

  • Prevents Injury
  • Prevents Falling
  • Reduces the risk of surgery
  • Eases hiking and traveling
  • Propels your next step
  • Distributes weight more evenly 3 points of contact
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Reduces soreness on heavy leg activity

Walk smart use your cane as frequent as possible! Why not use the most affordable and safe cane on the market, Trusty Cane! Share this article with others who need to know the benefits, help others like this helped you!

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